IN SEASON! White Alba Truffles

The arrival of the White Alba Truffle is one of the most important times of year in the culinary calendar. Its high status as the ultimate luxury food is not unfounded as it offers an impeccable scent and flavour, incomparable to any other truffle variety. 

Luxury Can Be Simple

Yes, Truffles have been a luxury food item since at least the ancient Romans. However at Nicco Angelo, we believe no one should ever feel intimidated by cooking with them. In fact, Truffles are probably the easiest ingredients you'll ever cook with! While Black Truffles can benefit from light heat, White Truffles, for example, are best served raw, thinly shaved over a hot dish. No better way to bring out their flavour and aroma.

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White Truffle Cream 80g | Expires 03/31/2024

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Our White Truffle Cream is made in Italy with pieces of White Truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico & Tuber Borchii) and Grana Cheese; creating a silky cream that works perfectly to make your dish taste like White Truffles. It works perfectly in pasta, pizza, as spread and you should even try adding a teaspoon to your ice cream or gelato! 

Hunting for Truffles

Truffles grow underground in specific European countries and also in Australia and Chile. Some exclusive species can even be found in North America. They are usually "harvested" in the wild, however the correct term is "hunted". Truffle Hunters love their dogs; as they're the only ones able to sniff out the best and freshest truffles within the ground. Fun fact: Nicco Angelo is named after an Italian truffle dog.