The Story of Truffles

The word truffle comes from the Latin word “tuber”, which means outgrowth. It dates back to as early as the ancient Egyptians, who held truffles in high esteem and ate them coated in goose fat. Myths surrounded this gourmet entrée when people believed they came from the ground after lightning struck the earth. Today, they are a much sought-after ingredient prized by chefs, culinary experts and foodie fans across the globe.

The Taste of Luxury

Like all mushrooms, truffles are a bit mysterious and made even more glamorous by their high price tag, but they’re simply an ingredient that deserves a try. Truffles have been a luxury food item since at least the ancient Romans, if not earlier. Pharaohs in Egypt ate the aromatic ingredient and later the French court tried to cultivate the pungent delicacies.

Hunting for Truffles

Like mushrooms, truffles grow in proximity and symbiosis of specific tree roots. They grow anywhere from 5 to 30 cm underground and are usually found by highly trained dogs who know how to find the strange ingredient and dig it up properly, though there are some who use pigs and their incredible sense of smell to find them.

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Minced Black Truffle 80g | 11/30/2023

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This product contains 100% minced black summer truffle. Exquisite and flavourful, the black summer truffle delicately preserved in extra virgin olive oil is the ideal condiment to be spread on bruschetta or to make first and second courses unique and special.

Ingredients: Black summer truffle (tuber aestivum vitt.) Min. 70%, extra virgin olive oil min. 29%, salt, flavor.