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Hank M.
Review for order 2219271

Hi Nicco! You exceeded my expectations again! We receive 4 pieces of these beautiful truffles. The smallest was 24g and the biggest about 35g. Plenty for me, my wife, son and daughter. Each one of us had their chance to shave their own bianchetti truffle.

White spring truffle

These white spring turffles were a good purchase!!! Very good bang for the buck. I purchased a white truffle paste from their stand in downtown Toronto the other day and thought it was heavenly! Finally took the plunge and got the real deal along with a 500g sauce and the jar is massive, will probably last a year in the fridge. Kudos to Amanda who explained to me via e-mail this was not the same as the big white truffles as they're different species. Very fascinating! Thank you, Danna


Didn't know what to expect from these truffles to be honest. I had never heard of them before. We only hear about the black truffles and the alba ones so when I noticed this one was so much cheaper and still a white truffle I thought why not try it? I'm glad I did. The aroma is amazing but different from any other truffles. The taste is not too overpowering but still strong. At this price,I will order again for sure.

Anastasiya Bogdantseva

Very good quality truffles, timely delivery, convenient packaging. Great customer service. Loved getting detailed emails regarding the delivery, storage advice and specifics where these particular truffles were coming from. I ordered from other suppliers before and Nicco Angelo seems to be the most professional supplier so far. Only giving it 4 stars because the black truffle was smaller than expected (22 g), but will for sure order again. (purchased SPECIAL PROMO! 15% OFF Fresh Black Winter Truffles + White Spring Truffles 1oz/28g Each (Tuber Melanosporum / Tuber Albidium Picco) 56g Total + FREE SHIPPING)

Norma Jenkings

very special. the aroma isintense and the flavour is more subtle but still ver ysimilar to the more expensive black truffle. I think it is an interesting way to try a white truffle that tastes more like a winter black truffle but costs a lot less. will order again. shame that the season is too short.